Music Drives Change is an initiative build out from the passion of bringing positive change to the society through what we love most, namely: MUSIC.

It started as a campaign initiated by MAINOI NGO at Electric Castle festival in 2014.


Music is the universal language, that connects us all, regardless of age, origin, race, social status, convictions of any type.

Music touches parts of our souls that only through sound vibrations can be reached. It can open minds, change attitudes and encourage people to believe that a different world is possible.

Music makes us dream to a better future and artists can transpose an imaginary sound-modelled fantasy into a reality embraced by those who listen to their compositions.


Music Drives Change is a platform which aims to bring together artists, showcase initiatives and provide resources that can be used to develop sustainable societies and communities.

We aim to expand it globally to reach out to as many people as possible willing to raise awareness on social, environmental and humanitarian causes. Hence, the so much needed contributions to a sustainable societal development come naturally, driven by music, from those who wish to embark on a journey guided by values that lay the foundation of a clean and bright future for our society and our planet.